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Central to the work of emerge bewusstseinskultur (which means: consciousnessculture) is the cultivation of new forms of creative and communicative togetherness. Forms that enable us to be connected to the universality and aliveness of life in transformative ways. While Western individualism has been the foundation for lives of self-responsibilty and self-determination, it also has caused alienation from ourselves, from others and from nature that is destroying the world. 

At emerge, we are pioneering a transindividual cultural potential that opens human beings to a new co-creative capacity. This co-creative capacity comes to life between individuals when they are awake to the depth of wholeness and compelled by the creative potential of diversity. By developing this capacity, we aim to creatively resolve the polarity of unity and diversity in a synthesis that grounds a new consciousness and culture. Through our programs, practices, events, media, and retreats, we invite transformation-seeking individuals to join in developing the frontiers and potentials of this new “consciousnessculture” as they arise between us.

The association (in German: Verein) emerge bewusstseinskultur lives only through the aliveness of the engagement of its participants: 

through ongoing co-creative dialogue, bound together in the depth of meditation.  We see ourselves as part of a movement of people who are compelled to give a new, vibrant meaning to a life of “Spirit in the world” through their personal development, their perspective on the world, and a new culture of conscious dialogue.

Our Story

emerge bewusstseinskultur is a continuation but also a break with our previous work in EnlightenNext. Many of us were students of Andrew Cohen

The Vision Team

The task of the Vision Team is to ongoingly bring the vision and the concrete work of our organization in sync. Thomas Steininger and Elizabeth Debold are responsible for creating this function, which we sometimes refer to as being “architects of consciousness.” They work to ensure that the conditions for creative dialogue and a vibrant HigherWe culture flower within all that emerge does

Dr. Thomas Steininger

Dr. Elizabeth Debold

The Leadership Team

The leadership team of emerge bewusstseinskultur consists aside from Dr. Thomas Steininger and Dr. Elizabeth Debold of other members who together are responsible for the health and growth of the association (“Verein”) and simultaneously bear responsibility for specific areas 

Marlene Potthoff

Martina Etemadieh

Working Principles

We hold the responsibility for the management of the organization and, at the same time, our work together provides an opportunity to practice our common vision: to create a new culture of co-creative working together. 

Therefore, we use these seven design principles to guide our leadership and create our organizational culture 


Cooperation with other like-minded organizations and people is a very important part of emerge’s culture. We partner with others in many ways, from co-creating events or seminars to coordinating the editorial themes of evolve magazine 

We also offer english-speaking events!

To learn more, visit the

emerge bewusstseinskultur
Kirchgartenstrasse 3
60439 Frankfurt, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)69 95 10 31 56

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