About Us – The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team

The leadership team of emerge bewusstseinskultur consists of four members who together are responsible for the health and growth of the association (“Verein”) and simultaneously bear responsibility for specific areas:

Thomas Steininger
Strategic leadership

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Elizabeth Debold
international and cultural programs

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Marlene Potthoff
responsible for dialogue, higher-we and meditation programs and retreats

I am responsible for emerge bewusstseinskultur’s program offerings. Since I was a very young woman, I have been deeply compelled to discover how environmental and social change can go hand in hand with active, embodied, contemporary spirituality. Professionally, I am a climate protection activist. I believe that the vitality of the field of consciousness between us and a desire for deep human solidarity that we explore in emerge, provide a new direction for coming up with new solutions in relation to our climate crisis. The nonseparation that comes from an Inner letting go in meditation and the enthusiasm for co-creative thinking and work with the Emerge Dialogue Process are the driving force of my hope and work for a new culture.

Martina Etemadieh
responsible for evolve business leadership (incl. fundraising) and overall strategy and marketing for emerge

Due to my profession as a marketing-communications consultant in international, creative, and sustainable contexts, co-creative processes have been close to my heart for a while now. For many years, I also have engaged in the topics of spirituality and consciousness and I value the potential of dialogues as part of the consciousness culture as well as the power of meditation as a spiritual practice.
What I love about my role at emerge is that I can combine my professional know how with my heart themes in a meaningful way.
I am also responsible for the business and marketing-side of evolve magazine and Radio evolve.
This double role gives me the opportunity to be a co-creative part of shaping and expanding the emergepotential through conscious dialogue work, trainings, retreats as well as the expressive side of consciousness work through evolve media.

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