One World in Dialogue, wie die internationale Arbeit von emerge heißt, ist ein globaler Gesprächsraum für Menschen mit großem Interesse an der Transformation kultureller Konflikte durch die Kraft des Dialogs. Es handelt sich dabei um eine neue Form von Aktivität, die in ihrer kreativen Reibung über die Polarisierung der Gegensätze hinausgeht, welche die meisten Bemühungen, Veränderung zu schaffen, bisher charakterisiert. Wir sind überzeugt, dass wir als Teil globalen Wandels einen Bewusstseinswandel in uns selbst unterstützen müssen – globaler Wandel wird nicht stattfinden, wenn wir nicht auf neue Weise zusammenkommen, jenseits dessen, was uns normalerweise trennt.

Terry Patten
A New Republic of the Heart

Nobel Peace Prize winner and change strategist Leymah Gbowee explains why, in these times, peace must be loud.

One World in Dialogue versucht, Räume für “herrschaftsfreie Kommunikation” zu schaffen, die Jürgen Habermas als wesentlich für die Gesundheit und Lebendigkeit des sozialen und politischen Lebens erachtete. Gemeinsam, jenseits alter Hierarchien und jenseits unseres Getrennt-Seins, wollen wir eine Kultur geteilter Lebendigkeit kultivieren, die den Boden bereitet für ganz neuartige Möglichkeiten der Veränderung.

One World in Dialogue stellt den Raum für ein globales Gespräch dar, bringt Denker und “Changemaker” dazu, sich über kritische Themen gemeinsam  auszutauschen und hilft den Einzelnen, die Fertigkeiten und Fähigkeiten zu entwickeln, um sowohl Einheit als auch Verschiedenheit in einem Gesprächsraum halten zu können. 

Aktuelle Angebote

emergent dialogue

A 6-month intensive practise program

With Elizabeth Debold and Thomas Steininger

Starting March 17, 2021

emergent dialogue is a process of collective sense-making that arises from the space between us—a space that has an intelligence greater than any of us individually. It is catalyzed by the longing in the human heart for wholeness, connection, and depth, which becomes a creative life force when we each dare to open ourselves to its presence, vulnerability, and power.

Awaken your tribe

A year program for groups on We Space

With Elizabeth Debold and Thomas Steininger

Twice a year, September and March

Are you part of a community, social enterprise, entrepreneurial team or other committed group and wish that you could truly come together beyond egoic separation? Would you like to learn how to co-create, not as a bunch of individuals, but as a whole tapping into a new intuitive intelligence? Would you like to learn how to co-create, not as a bunch of individuals, but as a whole tapping into a new intuitive intelligence? 

If so, then check this out: Thomas Steininger and Elizabeth Debold bring their 25 years of experience with catalyzing the emergent We into a practical, hands-on program for committed groups to evolve to a new level of synergy.

To learn more, visit the website:

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Vergangene Angebote

One World Bearing Witness - Belonging to Earth

A 24-hour global meditation vigil

With Thomas Steininger and Elizabeth Debold

December 5th - 6th 2020

Come together with thousands across our beautiful planet in a deep 24-hour meditation ritual. With inspirational guidance from spiritual leaders and activists worldwide, participants will create a field of unity-in-diversity to honor our Mother, Earth. You are welcome to join for an hour or for all 24. Registration is FREE, and we gratefully accept donations that also support the environmental organization Amazon Watch.

Online Aliveness

A free mini-course with Thomas Steininger and Elizabeth Debold

June 10 - 13

Due to the very positive response to this course we just decided to offer this free mini-course one more time! 

Online Aliveness

A free mini-course with Thomas Steininger and Elizabeth Debold

March 29 - May 2

Can we help? Right now, all of us who have been doing deep, intimate, and transformative work one-on-one or in groups are forced to go online. But many are also realizing that you can’t just do online what you are used to doing in person to create trust and connection. It takes a different awareness to create a deep experience together.

Be Togehter

A global online Meditation

With Elizabeth Debold and Thomas Steininger

March 29
10am - 10pm UTC
Join for as little or as long as you like.

Lets come togehter. Please join with other concerned human beings from around the world in the depth and stillness of shared silence. 

One World Bearing Witness

A 24-hour global meditation vigil

In partnership with Zen Peacemakers Int’l

With Thomas Steininger and Elizabeth Debold

December 7th - 8th 2019

You are needed! Take part in a global meditation where thousands of people worldwide will bear witness to the sorrow and joy of this world. Participants will be led into deep stillness by spiritual and community leaders from places like Rwanda and Auschwitz. Join us in expanding our collective capacity to hold the extremes of the human condition in wholeness.

One World in Dialogue

The Global Dialogue Lab


A free, open forum
First Friday of each month, 5 pm (CET)

Connect with leading activists and like-minded people from all over the world who are asking deep questions about social change and how we respond to the rapidly changing world we are in now. Sign up to receive instructions on how to access our Zoom videoconference room and our archive of past recordings (featuring Charles Eisenstein, Shelley Sacks, Leymah Gbowee and more).

The Power of We

Ein 6-monatiger Kurs zur neuen Wir-Kultur

Mit Elizabeth Debold & Thomas Steininger

Ab 10. Februar bis Juni 2019

Dieser virtuelle Kurs bietet eine Einführung und Vertiefung in das Potenzial neuer Wir-Räume, in denen zwischen Menschen eine Kreativität, Weisheit und Lebendigkeit erfahrbar wird, die ein verwandeltes Sein und Handeln in der Welt möglich macht. 

One World Bearing Witness

A 24-hour global meditation vigil

With Thomas Steininger and Elizabeth Debold

December 8th - 9th 2018

Join thousands of concerned, caring people globally for a free 24-hour meditation vigil to bear witness to the joy and suffering on our beautiful planet. From December 8th to 9th, 2018, using the latest interactive video technology, you can take a deep dive into meditative stillness to create a global field in which we can bear witness together and hold the trouble and trauma of this world in wholeness.

One World Bearing Witness

Free seminars 2018

Free monthly workshops

Bearing witness is a sacred and transformative practice. In these free workshops, we explore how bearing witness changes us and changes the world. Going deep into the act of bearing witness, we will develop our capacities to collectively hold the whole of our humanity, light and dark. 


These seminars are highly interactive and experiential. You are welcome to be involved or to watch and take it all in.

One World Bearing Witness
A 24-hour global meditation vigil

With Thomas Steininger and Elizabeth Debold

December 2017

Emergent Dialogue

Develop your capacity to support emergence

Virtual Course beginning October 2017

With Thomas Steininger and Elizabeth Debold

Real dialogue provides fertile ground for emergence. What is emergence? 


Some define it simply as order arising from chaos. It’s the arising of the new: A new quality of being together, more complex perspectives on issues, creative solutions to problems. In our chaotic times, human beings need to be able to come together and co-create as we never have before.

This six-month course will introduce you to the basics of what we call the emerge dialogue process.