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Cooperation with other like-minded organizations and people is a very important part of emerge’s culture. We partner with others in many ways, from co-creating events or seminars to coordinating the editorial themes of evolve magazine in support of initiatives developed by other organizations. Our partners tend to be progressive and philosophically post-secular organizations that understand the role of consciousness in addressing today’s problems.

The Herbstakademie Frankfurt (HAK)

Since 2006, we have been part of the “Autumn Academy Frankfurt,” whose special feature is that it has been developed through the partnership of three different spiritual approaches. Through the common interest of anthroposophists (Jens Heisterkamp of Info3), representatives of the integral approach (Sonja Student of The Integral Academy), and evolutionary spirituality practitioners (Thomas Steininger from emerge) and combined with other streams of philosophical thought and spiritual insight, the purpose of HAK is to engage in a dialogical exchange by bringing together those who want to develop a world-embracing spirituality. The ongoing work of the HAK and the individual contributions of its members are more broadly and ongoingly shared by participating media: Info3, evolveIntegral Perspectiven, and Radio evolve.
More information: http://www.herbstakademie-frankfurt.de

Die Integrale Akademie (DIA)

The Integral Academy DIA offers the German-speaking countries events relating to all thematic areas of integral thought and practice from short evening lectures to several years training. DIA hopes to catalyze the European integral potential that is, as yet, still largely untapped. The Academy aims to introduce and promote integral perspectives, qualify members and other interested parties through ongoing training, developing new forms of integral pedagogy and placement, and overall make an important contribution to society through their services.

Meridian University

Meridian is a small graduate school in California, US that focuses on psychology and education. Thomas Steininger and Elizabeth Debold teach about “Emerging We-spaces” in the Leadership & Social Transformation section of their Doctor of Education program. Meridian conducts programs and symposiums in Germany (Berlin) in collaboration with emerge and evolve Magazin.

Villa Unspunnen

Villa Unspunnen provides space for contemplation and silence, for trans-religious dialogue, solidarity, and active learning. Its seminars focus on the development of humanity and the connection between human beings and the actual Source of All. Annette Kaiser, spiritual teacher in the lineage of Irina Tweedie, is spiritual director of the Villa Unspunnen, which is located in Switzerland. She is the author of several spiritual books and has developed the “The Practice Path of DO.” Since the 1990s, she has presided over the association “Open Hands,” which supports projects in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Annette Kaiser is involved creatively to bring about the realization of the vision of a Universal Spirituality of ONE World — ONE humanity — ONE awareness — local/global.

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